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Rose Bud



Rose bud

You’re unfurling

Velvety soft petals

Reaching upward then uncurling

Like a little girl with a sweet rose face

Filled with promise and inborn grace

Swirling in a bright dress

Reveling in


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The sun is low now

And his loving rays search out

Leaves from underneath.

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Old and New


Old friends like old shoes

Comfortable, soft, and rather worn

They’re the ones whose

Phone numbers I know by heart

The ones I fear to lose.


New friends all shiny and bright

Intermingled with the old

They bring a special vibrant light

To my plodding humdrum world.

Old and new together: pure delight.

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Pink Dresses


See them clustered all together

Laughing and dancing in their fine pink dresses

Shaking out their skirts in the sunny weather

Azaleas are Spring’s most welcome excesses.

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Dogwood in White


Foursquare crosses on the tree

Notched and curled so delicately

Purest white and crowned with gold

Pure joy to see their grace unfold.

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Purple Cascade


There’s nothing shy about wisteria.

It grabs and clutches on its way to the sky;

In spring it explodes in purple hysteria

And perfumes the air before waving goodbye.

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Free Fun


The best toys are free

The best fun is spontaneous

A boy went on a watery spree

And refused to come in from the raineous.

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