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Hidden Treasure


A little girl walks down the beach

The killdeer flaps drunkenly by her feet:

“Can’t you see my wing’s broken? Chase me!”

The girl doesn’t notice, walks on to the water

Right past the anxious killdeer mother

Right past the little depression in gravel

Right past the three perfect little eggs.


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Tall Ladies


Tall slim ladies dressed in green

Nodding together they sway and preen

They’ve all come wearing the very same hat

Now what would their mothers think of that?

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Sun retreating from the night

Stretches out his rays to proffer

A radiant gift before his flight:

A multicolored band of light.

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Bluebonnet Day


The wind blew through the trees and grass

The sun shone down and watched us pass

Fields of bluebonnets tossed in the breeze

But all this beauty made me sneeze.

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The lanterns glow, the tables wait

For guests to come and congregate

The chai is hot, the popcorn made,

As is the food and lemonade.

You’re welcome here, whoever you are

We won’t turn you away.

Pull up a chair out under the stars

And laugh and talk and play.

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Pea Blossoms


Purple blossoms grace the vines

Beautiful, ornamental and sweet;

These blooms have ulterior motives though,

They bloom and fade to offer peas to eat.

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Red Clover


Red clover in a sea of grass

Flaming in the cool spring air

This beauty is short-lived, alas

But oh the joy when it is there.

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