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5-30-09 mimosa

Finer than a feather

Delicate as air

The pink mimosa flowers

In June are everywhere.


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5-29-09 two roses

Big sister, little sister:

Holding hands on the street

Jumping in the puddles

With their bare pink feet.

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5-28-09 blossom & ferns

She had to push her way up

Elbowing the others

Who tried to crowd her out.

She didn’t fit in

Didn’t wear the right clothes.

Then she grew up;

Made them look

Like frumpy old maids.

Can’t blame her

For smiling like that.

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5-27-09 lily of the valley

I have a lily of the valley

Born in May

Spurning tradition;

Flourishing in the sunlight.

My lily is creative

And resilient

And more melodious

Than all those white bells

Ringing together.

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It seems like a trick.

Plant a seed and then you wait:

Magic! Purple bean.

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5-25-09 vertigo

What if the sky is down instead of up?

The clouds floating far below us

Above a tranquil celestial sea of blue

Our world a little ball floating above that sea

Held together by illusion and gravity.

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Living Flame

5-24-09 gladiolus

The sunlight licks the

Orange petals and engraves

Them in memory.

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