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6-29-09 rain

The parched earth baked in the scorching sun

Daily the heat cooked the ground and filled the air

Dogs dug holes in the dirt to escape the heat

Flies were too hot to buzz and too tired to care.


A veil of clouds drew across the simmering sky

The sun withdrew in surprise and fear

The clouds rained down blessings upon blessings

And hot dry souls ran outside to cheer.


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Birthday Rose

6-28-09 birthday rose

It was her first rose.

“Sweet sixteen,” her father said.

Her birthday rose bloomed in

The blue vase on the windowsill

Then drooped and faded

Till she moved it to the frame

Of her bedroom mirror.

The petals fell off one by one,

But the bloomless stem stayed where it was.

It was her first rose.

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Twilight comes slowly;

Sweet and gentle like the breath

Of a sleeping child.

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Berry Time

6-26-09 blackberries

The brambles lie in prickly rows

With lanes of grass all mowed between

The berries ripen in the heat

Awaiting kids with sunburned toes.

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6-25-09 toy in grass

A child ran across the grass

Toy in hand, joy in heart.

He saw his friend, he laughed and waved

He dropped his toy and joined his friend.

The toy lay patiently through drought and rain

Waiting for the child to pick him up again.

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6-24-09 white horse

The girl who loved horses pressed her nose to the window

Watching the pastures till they passed out of sight

Playing her horse games and reading her horse books

And dreaming of horses all night after night.


The girl who loved horses pretended to be one

Jumping and cantering and whinnying too

She practiced her vaulting up on to a table

Her long legs grew bruises in black, green and blue.


The girl who loved horses did learn how to ride them

She rode them and brushed them and fed them bamboo

She herded pigs on a horse and jumped over a fence

And she couldn’t believe that her dream had come true.


The girl who loved horses grew up long ago

And she hasn’t been near a saddle for years

But she still turns her head when she drives by a pasture

Her passion is still there inside, it appears.

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Patience Rewarded

6-23-09 Amelia spinning

First the fleece must be carefully prepared

Then doubled back upon itself and coiled

The spindle swirls and pulls the fiber in

Eating inch after inch in its drive to make yarn.

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