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All Grown Up

Remember that tiny pink rosebud by the fence? Well, it didn’t take her long to grow up, did it?


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Lovelier Still

Remember that beautiful bright pink rosebud from the other day? Well, it looked even prettier yesterday on Thanksgiving morning, after a rain shower. Tonight we are due for our first hard freeze, so this gorgeous bud may never open . . .

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So Thankful

We have a Thanksgiving tradition of making a poster every year. We all write and draw things on it that we are thankful for and then display it usually until Christmas. Here’s our effort for this year.

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A Floral Feast

Here is a calorie-free feast for your eyes this Thanksgiving. All of these photos were taken today, November 24, in my yard. First up we have Mary’s rose. This rambler normally blooms at the time of Mary’s birthday in April. Yet here it is the day before Thanksgiving and this almost bare plant has a single lovely rose on it.

Look at this tiny rosebud and all its little brothers and sisters! I’m afraid they might not survive the hard frost that is predicted for Friday night, though. The next picture is of some more grown-up roses huddled together in friendship, and each about the size of a quarter.

Back by the fence, the roses have a more intense hue:

Under our pecan tree, our clematis vine, which has languished for months, suddenly was inspired to produce one last bloom:

Then I found a big fat pink rosebud like a neon flame:

And the lovely lavender roses that are so old-fashioned looking are still blooming too:

The white roses are like snow beside our sidewalk right now. These amazing plants bloom for nine months of the year!

A fragrant pink rose that I honestly thought was dead offered me this lovely bud:

And the shrub beside the front door, whose name I always forget, still has a few lovely, delicate flowers:

I am so thankful for all this beauty! God didn’t have to make the world beautiful, but He did. Wherever your feet take you tomorrow, whatever path you tread, I pray that it will be filled with beauty and that it will lead you to someone you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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A Boy and a Cat

My son begged me to go out and see the rising moon, then followed me, shirtless and holding the cat. I took this picture by the light of a nearby streetlamp.

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Another Late Rose

Here we are in the week before Thanksgiving and we still have new roses budding!

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